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Changes in Wipes Packaging Sep 14, 2017
Changes in Wipes Packaging

In the end market, consumers and buyers first noticed the packaging. Packaging considerations include value, convenience, protection, and aesthetics. For some consumers, there are other additional factors. Lifestyle, family needs and personal preferences, as well as the economy and reflect the value of self-brand, are packaging to display the elements. Wipes packaging categories include:

  • Tube

  • Flexible flat packing

  • Boxed

  • Bagged

  • Reusable packaging;

  • Iindividual package.


As the carrier of the wipes, the cartridge has been dominated by retail shelves for decades, especially in terms of surface wiping applications. In the American family, the vials are still very common in the low cabinets. Over the years, with the development of the barrel wipes, there have been large-capacity tube wipes, easy to open and easy to extract the tube wipes, designed for placing on the counter and the appearance of more beautiful tube wipes and Some of the ergonomic shampoos. Recently, cartridge packs have increasingly begun to use shrink film labels. According to NewPlastics companies and other suppliers, in recent years, this kind of tube wipes itself did not happen much change.

The market also has a commercial tube wipes, product features from medical disinfection to shopping cart wipe and so on. According to RebelWipes Inc. Mike Kryshak, in some product areas, large volumes of tubing, bags, and reusable packaging (which can be reloaded with 1,200 or more wipes) are used. Also, the inner packaging that contributes to the reuse of the overwrap is growing, including the reusable bag pack used in the package.

Nevertheless, the packaging wipes packaging market is still growing. For example, the Georgia-Pacific Brawny brand giant multifunction wipes are packaged in a slightly tapered high-density polyethylene barrel and use a full-covering shrink film label. The bucket-type package with a larger volume, higher height, the use of black polypropylene cover, tube body left a common white side.

Flexible flat packing

Cosmetics in contact with the skin widely used flexible flat packaging, especially for easy to carry when traveling. These packages have five packs, 10 packs or even 30 packs or more, and are widely sold in retail locations. These include:

  • Clean wipes with cleansing, cleansing, matte skin care, nail care, can be washed away, clean soft suits, lenses, screens and fitness equipment, as well as many other wipes for specific areas of expertise, To various treatments for hemorrhoids.

  • There are some dry plastic wipes with economical plastic wraps, as well as special wet and dry towels with flexible flat packing, which are moistened by the consumers themselves.

Flexible flattened forms of packaging for the sub-areas are often: a soft touch of cosmetics and sanitation products. These packages are also part of the overall brand range and there are many carriers available for these products, including glass bottles, droppers, spray bottles and wipes. For wipes products, you can also choose flat packaging, tube, wallet size or larger volume of container packaging.

There are three types of openings in the package: sealed and sealed; baby and toilet wipes are often seen in the clamshell molded seal. "Rigid Lenz II" produced by Berry International Group is an alternative to sealing and sealing. It is designed to keep the wet wipes freshly after opening the package several times. Hard plastic lens seal for more combinations of packaging. Product designers admit that the shelf life as a value-driven, must be on the product moisturizing preservation.


Boxed packaging, because the top opening is easy to open, so it is the main packaging of baby wipes. For long-term focus on baby care manufacturers brand curiosity and help treasure and retail brand Rockline products are such a package of fans who. The development of thermoformed boxed packaging has the following features: UBBI has designed a "window" on its packaging to see when the wipes will be used; Honest will carefully select the box material for sensitive skin consumers ; For the economic consumer groups to adopt reusable packaging. Curious Wipes One-touch the lid because of its convenience to attract a lot of parents eye.

Individual package

Independent packaging in the ordinary wipes and functional wipes market is more common. When professional products require additional protection to ensure that each piece of wipes freshness or be positioned as high-quality packaging, the United States Flexpack and other suppliers for the independent packaging provides a complete product solutions.

Flexpack's ColleenSmits says that some special cosmetics or products require internal protective performance protection and therefore require separate packaging. A special example is the independent packaging of fruit acid Huanfu cotton. Some well-known cosmetic brands are usually packaged in a multi-layer sealed. Smits also mentioned that an industrial wipes were used only once every few months. Therefore, in the next time the technical staff to open the same batch of wipes used, can still ensure the freshness of the wipes.

Protective performance protection is a factor in the composition of the inner layer of the chemical solution and the composition of the wipes to prove that the two contact, there will be no performance degradation.

Product and packaging developers in each branch area to express their views, hoping to provide products for each area or from the inspiration. For example: toilet paper, wipes and clean wipes cross function: Brawny both paper towels and wipes. Mr.Clean has both cleaners and wipes. Bliss's facial care series has bottled, tube-made cosmetics, and individually wrapped wipes. As the product lineup continues to expand, the wipes become a convenient and attractive choice.