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Wet tissue classification Mar 23, 2017

Wet tissue packing forms currently on the market are mainly single Pack (independent loading), cartridge, down 3. Wet wipes product functionality grows, adding a variety of skin care ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, green tea, lavender, mint, etc; also wipe wipes clean the table add the leather conservation essence and so on. Overall, wet wipes are divided into two major categories, six series. Two categories: one is the individual health care, and the other is: wipe clean the table. Six series were: first: the normal type, the second is: babies, three are women, four are: makeup special, five are: sexual health care special-six is: other personal use-specific. Ordinary wipes around the sales of 28.6%, exclusive baby wipes account for about 42%, women-only wipes about 8.4%, makeup remover wipes about 3.6% and other personal-use wipes accounted 5.5%, wet wipes is about 11.9%.