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Wet wipes when you purchase considerations Mar 23, 2017

1, product packaging must be marked with the manufacturer's name, address and telephone, product name, standard, grade, production date, expiry date, etc. 2, selected based on classification of wet wipes. Wet wipes are divided into two categories: one is itself being disinfected, but other items cannot be disinfected, which contains a skin care ingredient, can only do skin moisturizing care. Other is itself not only by disinfection, and other items may also play a role in sterilization and disinfection wipes, can be used for skin abrasions, scratches, disinfection or sterilization, packaging shall indicate disinfection or sterilization of components. Going out can be selected with bactericidal disinfectant wipes. 3, high quality wipes are high quality raw materials, non-woven white, there is no impurities, there will be no apparent fluffiness. Cheap wipes there is visible evidence of contamination, apparently in the process of raising phenomenon. 4, note to buy wet towel shelf life. Disinfecting wipes have a certain shelf life, shelf life, sterilization of components will be reduced.