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December, 1998

Dachang Paper machinery Manufacturer was established, and the first fully automatic wet wipe machine in China was produced.



The scale of our company began to branch out, and our production value and subsequent taxes increased. Each year, we were named as a large taxpayer and a key high-tech enterprise by the Quanzhou government.



During this period, We developed several accessories for wet wipe converting machines, and 10 of them, including the automatic robotic arm, conveyor, stacker and the sub-stacker won utility model patents.


February, 2013

We successfully developed China's first heat-seal wet wipe packaging machine (patent number ZL2013 2 0030342.9) and the first automatic center sealing machine (patent number 2013.2 0042968.1). The latter is a preferred machine for the company Breeze Paper, and they repeated their order for it in 2014.


September, 2013

Became a college-corporation partner, with Fuzhou University, and an experimental teaching base for the school of electric engineering and automation.


March-May, 2014

For the first time, we received 6 students (2 graduate students and 4 undergraduates) from Fuzhou University. They came to study and research.


July, 2014

We welcomed another 6 students to the company.