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Differences Between Tissues And Toilet Paper Use Mar 23, 2017

Toilet paper is used primarily for cleaning after using the toilet in the bathroom, while the other is used to clean the face, hands and other body parts are used Kleenex, so more emphasis on texture. Is GB/T20808-2006 the tissue paper Kleenex product standards (included wipes), which is the standard reference food establishment and product standard of toilet paper is GB20810-2006 the toilet paper (including toilet paper). Health standards are based on the two GB15979 of the hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products. General consumers on the toilet paper and tissues don't know, colloquially speaking, boxes of paper, handkerchiefs of paper, napkins, removable plastic packing paper (most confusingly) is paper Web, removable is toilet paper, toilet paper, rolls of paper ... Easiest way to tell is to look at packaging health standards of the opposite side, or tagging, new State regulations, toilet paper must be marked "toilet paper", almost all companies are very small, you want to look, if not, can refer to health standards.