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Non-woven Fabric Mar 23, 2017

Laminated composite non-woven fabric, non-woven, laminated composite non-woven fabric, laser non-woven cloth, high non-woven fabric, Matt nonwoven composite non-woven fabric! Most of the second floor of the compound material, process three layers of fabric than the two layers of fabric together. Note: the composite non-woven fabric used to be there is a term called non-woven and composite, lower right corner of the picture. Manufacturing names! Non-woven composite such diverse materials are used for environmental protection bags, or the car's Sun protection film. Non-woven quality of performance is the best choice for industrial non-woven: superior wear resistance and barrier; nontoxic, antibacterial and corrosion resistance, good breathable, waterproof and has high tensile and tear strength, good uniformity.