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Raw Material Prices Overwhelming! Sep 14, 2017
Raw material prices overwhelming!

The current situation of China's economy, make the people really feel depressed. Huge debt accumulation of real estate, the other industry's living space squeeze; surpassing the currency and other issues led to rising prices, wages are far lower than the price rise in the price; supply side of the reform and production capacity to let the bulk of the goods fly stand up. As we all know, many sanitaty products industry's raw materials have gone up. The SAP, the base film, nonwoven fabric and other raw materials prices across the board. The upper reaches of the rise, the downstream up, naturally the businesses have to rise up. 

Now the Chinese sanitary health industry raw materials skyrocketing, indeed people feel depressed. Raw material prices, squeeze the product profit margins; face a few days a quote of the material manufacturers, to return to the guests can only be a few days a price. Have to say that China's health supplies industry has been deep in raw material prices crisis, the future will go from where, is worth thinking about the problem.