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Wet Wipes Industry Trends Mar 23, 2017

the paper company, especially the big giants, not yet actively promoting the wet wipes, most of them are extended as a supplement to paper towels and wipes, wet towels and tissue paper markets overlap, they don't want wet wipes category premature move their tissue cheese, but they understand it's going to be a blowout marketing, once the market starts will have great prospects. From the perspective of sales channels, few dealers have current professional wet wipes, baby wipes along with the increase in the number of maternal and infant shops and matures, sales channels and other types of wet towel cosmetics shops, Department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and so on, lack of professional dealers. Domestic life and nursing journals issued a document saying the paper World magazine, Chinese wet market is in a "blowout bedding", there will be a small thing to break the ice, thus pulling the industry's growth. Companies also know that market trends cannot be controlled, wet market, they have to quickly follow up. From this point of view, wipes category market exploded, it's just a matter of time.

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