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Wet Wipe Machine Quality Policy

To ensure the quality of our wet wipe machines, we maintain that each employee pays special attention to each detail of the tissue machinery parts. We also invest in the acquisition of precision machining equipment, such as large gantry machining centers, CNC workshops, and laser coders. We believe that in addition to skilled workers, sharp tools are necessary for producing the right accessories, which can maximize the machine performance and reduce failure rate.

Processing of spare part.jpg

Processing of Spare Part

Part of Machine.jpg

Part of Machine

Detection of Spare Part.jpg

Detection of Spare Part

Quality Control

1. Strengthened inspection on all the accessories: strict incoming quality control (IQC), input process quality control (IPQC), and final quality control (FQC); strict pass/fail criteria, and employee discipline and management.

2. Staff training: calls for compliance with all regulations and awareness of careful operations.

3. Archive the tracking records.

Electric Part of Machine 1.jpg

Electric Part of Machine

Electric Part of Machine 2.jpg

Electric Part of Machine

Comunicate with Customer.jpg

Comunicating with Customer


1. When assembly is completed, each working group or the assembly plant will submit a product inspection application to the quality control department.

2. The QC department will then send experienced inspectors who are familiar with the model to inspect the machine.

3. The inspector checks the parameters of the wet tissue machine, one-by-one and offers quick guidance on troubleshooting.

4. Commissioning the wet wipe machine is permitted to be carried out after a 48 hour problem free running.

5. Complete inspection reports and building a customer profile, as well as improving the tracking record system makes after-sales service convenient.


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The Strategic Partner of Siemens Automation & Drives Group in Paper-Machine 

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