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Service and Support

Complete After-Sales Service System


Working in accordance to a "customer first" policy, we ensure that users get timely services if problems occur during the use of our wet wipe machines. We employ highly trained technical staff and have built an extensive after-sales service department.


In order to give quick answers to questions from international customers, we have set up a special international service hotline (number: +86-595-22427665). Questions can be about anything, including technology, techniques, adjustments and nearly anything else regarding these machines. We also have after-sales technical support specialists who work with various issues, to better meet your needs and ensure you get the most benefits out of your investment.


Pre-Sales Technical Support 

1.Free consultation services to help customers develop an

analysis of the project feasibility. 

2.We provide a variety of product information to be used as a


3.We also supply design drawings, installation drawings and

production required information depending on different actual


4.Customers will be informed of the necessary raw materials that

are needed, as well as technical requirements, suppliers and a reference price.

5.We can give advice on trouble shooting common problems.

6.Finally, we can also send technicians to finish on-site installation and commissioning.

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After-Sales Service

1.First, we carry out the commissioning of the wet wipe machine in our company, and the machines will not be shipped until the customer is satisfied.

2.When customers do the commissioning at their company, our technical staff will train their technicians on both theory and practice until the master the skills needed to operate the machinery.

3.When our wet tissue equipment arrives at the customer's plant, we can send technicians for on-site installation, commissioning, and training until the machine is in operation.

4.During the warranty period, if the machine runs into any problems, we will provide a fast solution and help the customer resume the normal production schedule as quickly as possible.

5.After the warranty period, for maintenance needed within 3 years, we will only charge for the maintenance costs.

6.Other service terms can be added after discussion.