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Technical Strength

Dachang focuses on R&O and has invested in the development of new technology, new processes and new products. From 2008 to 2013, we earned more than 10 national utility model patents, and applied them to the production of wet wipe converting machines to maximize the machines production value and bring customers increased economic benefits.


To demonstrate our individuality in the wet tissue industry, we have built a strong-multi-disciplinary R&O team comprised of 18 engineers. From development, production, installation, commissioning, all the way to testing, we employ specialists to carry out strict inspections to ensure the products are of the highest quality. We also carry out systematic management over product development, including project demonstration, design review, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and project evaluation. Each year, we develop new wet wipe equipment that suits the target market. A few examples follow. 


1. We developed a sheet organizer for overcoming common counting difficulties, making it adjustable to suit different counting needs.

2. The center sealing machine for packaging single sheet wet tissue packs was also developed. It features automatic packaging and sealing.

3. A third machine we developed was the lid applicator for adding lids onto large, drawable packs. It has an automatic window opening, filming and lidding.


These three machines were recently developed, and can work together with our wet wipe manufacturing machines to reduce wet tissue manufacturer's expenses.

Installing machine.jpg

Installing machine

Installing electric parts.jpg

Installing electric parts

Testing machine.jpg

Testing machine