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DC-200A Full Automatic Single Piece Wet Tissue Making Machine

DC-200A Full-auto single wet tissue folding and packing machine(1pc/pack)specially designed to produce 1sheet per pack, which mainly application in restaurant, airline, facial cleaning etc.


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DC-200A Full Automatic Single Piece Wet Tissue Making Machine

Machine production process: 

Jumbo roll raw material → folding→wetting→cutting→synchronous transmission→automatic packaging→ coding online→automatic labeling→sealing by heat and pressure →  finish products output

Finished products: 

Machine Details

Main Parameter

1. Product type: Wipes for restaurant,  airline wipe, cleaning wipe etc.

2. Speed: 100-150pcs/min

3. Piece /pack1pc/pack

4. Suitable material Nonwoven fabric, air laid paper

5. GSM40 -60g/m2

6. Power380V 50HZ

7. Power supply6KW

8. Raw material roll width: 150-200mm

9. Unfolded sizemm:160-260)×(150-200)(L×W

10 .Folded size(mm): 80-130)×(50-80)(L×W

11. Packing film: PE & PET, OPP & PEaluminum film

12. Packing size(mm):100-200)×(60-80)(L×W

13. Folding type: Z,W

14. Wetting system: Tank with agitator

15 Installation space (mm): 4700×900×1650(L×W×H)

16 Size of tank(mm): 900 x 900 x 1900

17.Weight: 1500kg

Main Features

1. With scientific design and compact structure, easy operation and maintenance

2. Spunlace wetting device with spraying. 

3. Lotion supplying system, including a tank with continuously agitators mixing, recycle unit, lotion applicator sucking liquid from the tank and spraying liquid to the product continuously with adjustable amount.

4. Nonwoven cutting system , length can is adjustable

5. Package forming, the length can be adjusted and width can be changed by forming unit.

6.Safety system: Emergency braking system, complete protection for the blade, cabinet must be made with doors.

7. PLC control system and detecting system

8. Electrical control system consists of main circuit system, second circuit control system,

temperature control system, tension control system, PLC system and other auxiliary parts.

Machine Video: 

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