Overview of Wet Wipes Packing Machine china


Product advantages of Wet Wipes Packing Machine china: It adopts original servo motor control, which is more intelligent. Compared with other products controlled by similar inverter motors or inverters at home and abroad, the packaging accuracy is higher, the adjustable range is wider, and the control is more accurate. Lower rate, better stability and lower noise. Due to the fully open box structure, the transmission structure is clear at a glance, and maintenance is more convenient;

Wet Wipes Packing Machine china

Features of Wet Wipes Packing Machine china:

1. Bonding device for extraction hole and cover die.

2. The present invention has multiple functions, greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production cost.

3. Adopt advanced PLC computer program control, photoelectric detection sensor to detect color mark, photoelectric alignment, two-way compensation, fast and accurate alignment.

4. Each heating part adopts four sets of temperature controllers to automatically control the temperature, and the sealing quality is high.

5. The extraction port adopts self-adhesive, which has good sealing performance and is convenient to open and seal.