Causes of Wet Wipes Packing Machine products sealing failure


There are two main reasons for Wet Wipes Packing Machine products to cause this kind of weak sealing failure

(1) Uneven pressure on the heat-sealing knife or uneven pressure on the cold-pressing knife The adjustments on the heat-sealing knife and the cold-pressing knife are exactly the same.

Wet Wipes Packing Machine products

(2) The knife surface of the heat-sealing knife is not flat enough. Refer to the corresponding solution to the second kind of failure of the sealing is not firm.

Wet Wipes Packing Machine products fuse blown

The main function of the sealing machine motor is to drive the gearbox and the gear transmission of each component. Sometimes when the sealing machine is started, it will make a "squeak" sound, unable to operate normally, and even the fuse on the live line is blown. To eliminate this fault, first check whether the power supply is normal, then cut off the power supply, and use a resistance gear to test whether the switch is damaged. In addition, you should carefully check whether the circuit and the motor are short-circuited.