Take you to know wipes rewinding machine products


Good wipes rewinding machine products can ensure that the material of the equipment is easy to use and durable. When you go to the site to inspect the equipment, you can test the machine to see the stability of the finished wipes, and whether it has been online and has undergone many times of stable debugging. wipes rewinding machine products According to the market demand supplied by customers, the equipment is selected according to the size and packaging style of the production wipes, and can also be customized according to the actual needs of multi-functional wipes. The wet wipes machine material contact parts are all made of 304 stainless steel Manufacturing, in line with GMP standards, using color Chinese touch screen, convenient and intuitive setting of equipment operating parameters, with output statistics and automatic fault diagnosis functions, improve production efficiency, improve product qualification rate.

wipes rewinding machine products

wipes rewinding machine products include barreled wet wipes machine, single-chip microcomputer, multi-piece bagged wet wipes machine, portable small packaged wet wipes machine, individual packaged wet wipes machine, etc. What types of wet wipes are currently being sold on the market? Which types of wet wipes cater to the public, and then determine the machinery according to the packaging form of the wet wipes, the number of pieces loaded, etc.