What are the advantages of DC-200II Full-auto Wet Wipes Machine


DC-200II Full-auto Wet Wipes Machine is a small smart appliance designed to adapt to modern life and change the traditional habit of using towels. It can produce fresh, hygienic, cold and hot wet wipes. It is processed from high-grade spunlace non-woven fabrics made of natural plant fibers. The wet wipes are disposable, avoiding the cross-infection caused by repeated use of traditional towels, and are the best choice for hotels. Compared with other products, DC-200II Full-auto Wet Wipes Machine has the following advantages:

First, it is convenient and hygienic to use and make at any time. DC-200II Full-auto Wet Wipes Machine adopts a unique roll structure and cutter to automatically make wet wipes. The wet wipes are separated from the paper rolls in the machine instantly, which will not cause pollution to the paper towels, and it adopts electronic automatic sterilization, which is fresh and hygienic.

DC-200II Full-auto Wet Wipes Machine

Second: low cost. Save a lot of money compared to other bagged wipes.

Third: DC-200II Full-auto Wet Wipes Machine uses pure plant fiber spunlace non-woven soft towel roll and water as raw materials to make wet wipes, no irritation, no additives, gentle skin care, if necessary, you can use Add disinfectants or plant essential oils freely to the water tank to make disinfectant towels or fragrant towels.

Fourth: Use it whenever you want, and turn it on at any time. Nowadays, the bagged wet wipes used in general restaurants are bought by the purchasers several months ago. There is a danger of secondary pollution, and storage also takes up space. The towels become dry towels, and giving guests wet wipes in bags is far more cordial than using wet wipes on a wet wipe tray, giving guests a feeling of being at home.