Reasons for the first seal failure of KGT-340D Full-auto Wet Wipes Packing Machine


KGT-340D Full-auto Wet Wipes Packing Machine is used for a long time, especially when it is continuously working and overloaded, it is prone to some electrical failures and mechanical failures, such as poor sealing, the machine stops walking, etc. The fuse is blown when starting, squeaks when running, the temperature cannot be controlled, the seal of the finished bag is deformed, and there are bubbles or irregular marks at the imprint of the sealing knife, etc. Next, let's take a look at what is the reason for the first sealing failure of the KGT-340D Full-auto Wet Wipes Packing Machine?

KGT-340D Full-auto Wet Wipes Packing Machine

(1) If the heat-sealing temperature is not enough, the problem can only be solved by increasing the heat-sealing temperature appropriately.

(2) The knife surface of the heat sealing knife is not smooth enough. The heat-sealing knife is divided into upper and lower parts, which are usually installed in it to sense the transfer of temperature. There are three screws on the heat-sealing knife, and the middle screw plays the role of supporting and strengthening the blade. The other two screw springs and washers are mainly used to adjust the pressure of the heat-sealing knife. The upper and lower blades each have two springs. The main reason for the uneven surface of the heat-sealing knife is that the middle screw is inclined and not level; or the pressure of the pressure spring of the heat-sealing knife is uneven. The solution is to readjust the position of the middle screw so that it is in a horizontal state. If the upper and lower heat sealing knives are unbalanced, it should be realized by adjusting the pressure spring, and it can be adjusted to a moderate level. When the spring retreats outward, the heat-sealing knife will fall downward; when the spring of the lower blade is tightened upward, the heat-sealing knife will move upward.