What equipment does Wet Wipes Production Line consist of


Wet Wipes Production Line refers to the equipment processing route in the production process of wet wipes, starting from the spunlace non-woven raw material to the machine, through feeding, folding, adding liquid, cutting, stacking, conveying, packaging, sticking Covering, conveying, packing and a series of devices, Haidesheng Machinery provides fully automatic and semi-automatic Wet Wipes Production Line, which has greater flexibility in the design of the production workshop, the layout of the equipment and the layout of the relevant workplace, and can be customized according to the actual situation. Wet Wipes Production Line equipment needs to be customized for the needs of factory construction, product process needs and process labor.

Wet Wipes Production Line

The common point of the fully automatic and semi-automatic Wet Wipes Production Line is the front end. The feeding, slitting, folding, adding liquid, cutting and stacking of raw materials are generally fully automatic devices. The difference lies in the middle and back ends. Wet wipes are packaged, covered, and boxed manually, which is called a semi-automatic production line.

Whether it is a bagged Wet Wipes Production Line or a barreled Wet Wipes Production Line, there are fully automatic and semi-automatic products. According to the customer's factory planning and production needs, the corresponding production equipment is selected to form the corresponding wet wipe product production line.