What are the characteristics of the four-side sealing wet wipes packaging machine?


The four-side sealing wet wipes packaging machine is a new generation of packaging machine independently developed by technicians according to the requirements of domestic and foreign customers, combined with international paper and non-woven packaging equipment. Light, electricity, gas integrated design, advanced technology, is one of the world's most advanced paper and non-woven packaging equipment. It can be used to produce small package of wet wipes in four-sided sealed packaging, such as feminine care wipes, makeup remover wipes, medical disinfection wipes, isopropyl alcohol wipes and lens wipes, computer cleaning wipes, shoe wipes, aviation wipes Towels, food wipes, etc. Advanced technology, stable performance, simple operation, beautiful packaged products, and firm continuous air pressure sealing to ensure the tightness of the product.

Features of the four-side sealing wet wipes packaging machine:

1. The wet wipes packaging machine is suitable for four-sided products such as wet wipes, alcohol pads, cotton pads, and disinfectant cloths.

2. PLC touch screen control, simple drive system, stable and long-lasting operation, simple operation, low operation and maintenance cost, and can be freely set to single pack and double pack (up to four packs of alcohol cotton pads).

3. Automatic fault alarm, clear display.

4. Positioning stop function, no sticking to the knife, no waste of paint.

5. Optional cleaning cover, low pollution, low noise, stainless steel body, beautiful and durable.

6. Adjustable mold design enables one machine to produce wet wipes with different packaging sizes.

7. The four-sided wipes are one-piece packaging, which makes the product better.

8. The wet wipes packaging machine adopts imported metering pump, and the filling accuracy is 0.01ml.

9. Touch screen + PLC operation, you can freely adjust the temperature, speed, and length of wet wipes.

10. The key components of the machine adopt well-known brands to ensure the stability and service life of the machine.

11. Servo motor controls key actions to improve the precision and stability of the machine.