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DCW-2700 Full-auto Wet Wipes Folding Machine

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Product Type: Baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, women's wipes and cleaning wipes. Applicable materials: spunlace non-woven fabric, wet-strength paper, hot-rolled cloth


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DCW-2700 Full-auto Pop Up Wet Wipes Folding Machine

DCW-2700 Full-auto 30-120pcs Wet Wipes Folding Machine

DCW-2700 Full-auto10 lines Wet Wipes Folding Machine

DCW-2700 Full-auto12 lines Wet Wipes Folding Machine


1. Process flow:

Automatic unwinding → corner pulling → vertical folding → synchronous cloth feeding → humidification cutting → stacking counting → finished product conveying

2. Main Technical Parameter

1. Voltage: Three phase 380V 50HZ

2. Power: 16KW

3. Product type:

baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, dress up wipes, lady wipes, cleaning wipes

4. Suitable material:Spunlace

5. Raw material splicing way: By manual while machine running

6. Production speed: 400-500cuts/min (8、10pcs/cut)

7. Width of raw material: 180-300mm, Diameter≤1200mm

8. Suitable material GSM:35-80g/m2

9. Unfolded size:(130-220)x(180-300)mm (L×W)

10. Folded size:(130-220)x(90-110)mm(L×W)

11. Folding way:pop up & non-pop up

12. 10 small roll

13. Agitate tank: 2*800L