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DCW-2700L Wet Wipes Folding Machine

DCW-2700 is a fully-auto wet tissue folding machine folding 3000~3800 pieces wipes per minute designed to satisfy needs of different types of folding. By controlling on the PLC System, the machine folds pullout or non-pullout wipes of "Z", "W" and "C" types. Raw materials' sizes range from 180mm to 220mm can be applied in DCW-2700.

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DCW-4300 Auto Wet Tissue Folding Machine

DCW-4300 offers a solution to wet wipe folding of wider raw materials (1000~1320 mm) with PLC controlled system. "Z", "W" and "C" types are available for both pullout and non-pullout wipes.

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DCW-4800 Auto High-speed Wet Tissue Folding Machine

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Folding Expert

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    Building-block structure

    The roll material rack can be added or reduced as needed to fit your plant.

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    Auto-counting & stacking

    The automatic devices installed greatly reduce labor cost and enhance production efficiency.

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    Higher efficiency

    The width and length of the lids/labels can be adjusted in actual production.

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    PLC controlled

    The PLC controlled system allows off-hand production ensuring safety.

One Machine,
Wider Production Range

You might not know us. But you must have used these wet wipes. And we produce the machines that produce them.

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