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Optimized Machine For A Sustainable Future

To be successful today, the wet wipes machine industry and partners must accept an increasing expectation of sustainability to better protect our health, our environment and our planet.

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Dachang continues to invest in its workforce, creating opportunities to bring our people success as wet wipes machine industrial experts, providing skills training, collaborative global experiences, as well as health and wellness programmes.

Also, we create and maintain a safe, hygienic and healthy work environment so that our employees can work comfortably.



We have our commitment that wet wipes machine is safe and effective to provide high quality wet wipes that improve people's life quality

This promise goes to our country as well. We develpoed the first DC200 wet wipes machine in China under the breakout of SARS to improve the produtivity of disinfectant wet wipes.

We're an enterprise, a responsible one.



Our endeavor is to maintain an ecological attitude by improving the environment as much as possible with lower material waste and eco-friendly materials.

We integrate environmental aspects into the decision-making processes of our manufacturing. This enables us to plan, coordinate, monitor and document the technical and organizational processes that have an impact on our environment.