DCL-50 Auto Wet Wipes Lid Applicator (Robot) - wipesmachinery

Functions That Boost Your Business :

  • Design science, the structure is flexible and lighter.
  • Easy to operate, convenient to assemble and maintenance.
  • Cast iron base, aluminum alloy and carbon fiber mechanical arm.
  • Automatic transmission system.
  • Human-computer interface.
  • Integrated on the platform of OMRON SYSMAC fastest scraping system.
  • A controller can control 8 robots and other equipment on the production line.
  • Main part: OMRON imported from Japan

Product Parameters

Product Type: OMRON Robot
Speed: 50-60packs/min
Positional Deviation: within ±1mm
Size of the machine (mm): 2696*2534*2316(L*W*H)

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