DCW-4800 Auto Wet Tissue Folding Machine- wipesmachinery

Functions That Boost Your Business :

  • Installed by building block configuration to add or reduce the roll material rack.
  • With one stacking cam drive by servo motor
  • The width of the guiding pole could be adjusted in the operation.
  • Servomotor tracking stacking driver.
  • Equipped with gas-liquid transform system.
  • Rubber roller was being tracking by servomotor. First level conveyor belt would be driven by big power. The last belt would be tracked by high-power motor and coder .The rack lift by cylinder.
  • For the fabric tension control and the stability of the convey by servomotor.

Product Parameters

Production speed: 180-240cuts/min
Material: spunlace, thermobond
Material rolls dimension (mm): 1200×(180-220) (Φx W)
GSM: 40-80g/m2
Unfolded size(mm): (120-250)x(150-250) (LXW)
Folded size(mm): (120-250)x(90-120) (LXW)
Roller: 20-104 rolls
Folding way: Pop up or Non pop up

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