Quality - wipesmachinery

A Focus on Quality

Wet wipes are an excellent medium for the growth of bacteria, yeast and mould. In order to ensure product and consumer safety, fighting germs is a top concern of wet wipes machine.

Dachang provides you quality machine and ensures that your wet wipes products are totally hygienic, by using large gantry machining centers, CNC workshops, and laser coders to manufacture delicate wet wipes machine.

Every single component will go through our QC tests.


Integrated Quality and Compliance Management

Our quality management system addresses any defects in manufacturing processes by strictly complying with the production standard.

The result is a comprehensive solution that provides the supply chain with powerful closed-loop capabilities to meet customer's requirements, and attain environmental, safety, and other forms of compliance.


Standard Quality Treatments

  • Oxidation-treatment-aluminum-board

    Oxidation Treatment

    The surface of the aluminum part is oxidized by matte painting to prevent rust and improve the appearance.

  • Machine-parts-welding

    Component Welding

    Ensure a tight interlink between each component by seamless welding, without any imperfections.

  • HRC60-65-surface-hardness-measurement

    HRC60-65 Surface Hardness

    The surface hardness reaches HRC60-65. Outstanding properties are achieved by heat treatment and high-frequency processing.

  • Chamfer-angle-remove


    Remove sharp burrs to make angles smooth and prevent damage caused by accidental collision.

  • Sheet-metal-processing

    Sheet Metal Processing

    A flawless sheet metal process based on aluminum surface to ensure overall appearance.

  • Chromium&Nickel-plating

    Chromium & Nnickel Plating

    The chrome & nickel plating process improve the appearance with better brightness, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.